Specializing in the integration of one's genetic potential in all areas of human performance. 


The 112 IU kit is a powerful nutraceutical available in direct mass form. It is an excellent alternative to synthetic anabolics. Twenty plus natural growth factors allow for muscle building when taken sublingually. In fact, the majority of increases in strength and muscle, as well as the anti-aging benefits, are because of its ability to naturally raise current levels in the body. It is often used before the 5000 MG Ampoule kit to gain the mass and strength desired.

Cycle length is 2-3 months taking 2 IU’s 5 days a week.

Also includes our Genetic Cell Activator. This is a complete power complex that repowers and rehydrates your body. Greatly increasing ATP, absorption, the effect of supplements, speeding up bodily functions and reactions. It will charge, activate, and detoxify cells while improving nutrient absorption. Increasing production of hemoglobin, DNA, and RNA.