The 5000 MG Compound is by far our most potent growth factor formula available. The kit contains a total of 30 2 ML amber glass ampoules 2 non injectable syringes and pulling tips allowing the user to pull the compound from the all glass ampoule once the top glass piece easily breaks off. The formula is then pulled into the syringe before removing the stainless tip and administered by dropping the formula under the tongue with the tip removed.

By using a 90 percent organic alcohol the formula gets placed immediately into your blood steam after leaving the substance under your tongue for a minute and a half before swallowing the excess… This is the newest form of delivery which takes the place of the never comfortable injection. It also serves as a vasodilator (widening the blood vessels to greatly increase blood flow) which takes place of a pre work, as most users take this immediately before a workout.

The abundance of  natural growth factors are commonly called stem cell like proteins. These proteins rebuild and regenerate at a cellular level. This allows for muscles to be rebuilt and regenerate at a much faster rate, we refer to this as performance recovery, which in turns is very performance enhancing especially should the user work out rigorously.

Designed to build lean muscle mass while also reducing body fat, improving energy, repair tissue, increase bone density, anti-aging benefits / telomere strengthening, PRP healing powers, hormone balancing, gains of EPO, regulate micronutrient levels, as well as help support the immune system.

It has the same components as the mass and cutting cycles just with a much more potent mix. The genetic cell activator is also mixed into the ampoule kit which allows for a much higher boiling point (just over 400 degrees compared to normal water boiling at 212 degrees Fahrenheit). This allows for more physical output and allows everything to become more enhanced at a cellular level… The higher your hydration level the better the human body can function.

The other constituents consist of amino acids, B Vitamins, minerals, metabolites, and antioxidants which have been custom formatted after years of research from individuals micronutrient tests. This makes it a complete compound which you do not have to add any other supplementation along with.

The 120 IU kit can be taken over the course of anywhere from 1 month up to 3 months. Most users who workout 5 times a week will use 5 ampoules a week (just before their workout). This equates to 20 IU’s per week for a 5 ampoule per week user lasting for a 6 week cycle… The other great thing about bio-identicals are that you do not have to cycle on and off… Also there is no prescription needed to order.

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