DNA was founded by former professional athletes who saw a huge need for not just performance enhancement, but also performance recovery. Done in a legal, ethical manner to extend and fulfill happy, healthy lifestyles to all walks of life, not just athletes. Our goal is to allow any individual to reach his or her genetic potential.

​While there are a lot of supplement and anti-aging clinics worldwide very few take performance seriously and look into all areas of performance. We spent years finding and testing the finest raw materials and tested each extensively in the lab as well as at our sports science center and on the field / track / court / weight room / gridiron; allowing for the best results possible, while also making sure no harm would be done to the human body. We started as a private performance center after years of work with professional and college athletes, where we saw a huge need to educate the general public and then decided to buy into a lab ourselves were we developed our own line of Bio-Identical Growth Compounds. These items do not require a prescription. Most are taken sublingually (under the tongue) for fast, efficient delivery... Our test subjects reported that they could feel and tell a significant improvement in performance and overall well being as their performance was boosted within minutes as the very potent growth factors are released into the bloodstream allowing for flow to increase similarly to a two lane road of traffic quickly opening up to an eight lane flow (more or less depending on one's age and overall health and genetic makeup). At our sports science center we test individuals upon arrival, then again as soon as they start the DNA products, in almost every athlete we see a greater strength, efficiency, ROM, endurance, and flexibility output within minutes. Our clients have been quite impressed to say the least and we greatly value their (and your) honest feedback... With that said we also must mention that these products are not magic and basically if you do nothing, you should expect little to nothing. We often turn away clients because we don't see any reason for them to be on our products if they are not active and not willing to push their limits. Our products work best for those that workout, plain and simple. It turns one workout into the equivalent of many more (as many clients report up to the results of 5-8). This is believed to be the effect of the growth factors, as they help your body regenerate in a faster, more efficient way, and is what we often refer to as performance recovery. If an individual does not recovery it is virtually impossible to perform at a high level, as regression will occur. Just the same in sleep quality, should you not get a good night's rest and reach REM cycle sleep it is virtually impossible for the body to naturally release growth hormone during REM. Our anabolic sleep formula helps in a great way here in addition to taking the mass or cutting cycles.

The bottom line for getting anything done comes down to human energy. Our ATP cycle helps with just that, as do all of our products. The goal is to help an individual by providing as much naturally fueled energy as possible to allow them to take on anything.

Often times we get questions on which product you should take. This depends on your lifestyle, your budget, your body type, your goals etc. Our products are designed to manipulate your own DNA to allow you to customize and or improve your body and or your performance. For instance, we have 300 lb football players taking the same mass cycle as we do 160 lb ultra marathon runners as the growth factors allow for your body to help adapt to your physical needs. 

For injuries we have our direct muscle infusion cream that works wonders to help gain ROM, relieve pain, spot treat, and get you back to feeling like new again.

We understand everyone is different and we strive to get the best results possible. We ship our products all over the world. Feel free to call or email us with anything we can help you with.

Specializing in the integration of one's genetic potential in all areas of human performance.